4.6.2022. Every picture tells a story in the MiniBe blog.
30.11.2020. Miscellaneous bicycle wisdom: evolution of screwdrivers.
17.8.2020.  Light Evolution post: A paragraph about a little domestic tour.
1.8.2020. MiniBe: new blog about minimal way of living in general.
30.6.2020. Miscellaneous bicycle wisdom: ultralight tripod for smart phones.
20.1.2020. Tour reports page: a tour "Training Presence at Norkapp" added.
9.3.2018. Tour reports page: a tour "Big Picture for Little Money" added.
11.3.2017. Tour reports page: a tour "Bogoto to Quito" added.
6.9.2016: Equipment reviews page: Review of the equipment form the tour in 2016.
6.9.2016.  Light Evolution post: A paragraph about the tour in Caucasus region.
30.8.2016. Tour reports page: a tour "Erzurum to Yerevan" added.
5.3.2016: Equipment reviews page: Cracked Easton rim.
28.8.2015: Equipment reviews page: Review of a Goodsport anti-chafing creme.
17.12.2014. News page: Ultralight bicycle bag.
15.5.2014. Equipment reviews page: Review of a Yellowstone Ultralite 100 sleeping bag.
9.4.2014. News page: Report on brevet "spomladanska 1000ka".
21.1.2014. News page: Comments preview is turned on.
2.1.2014. Equipment reviews page: review of the stuff from the tour in 2013.
10.12.2013. Equipment reviews page: update about tent poles for Minilite tent.
21.11.2013.  Light Evolution post: A paragraph about the tour in Vietnam and China.
20.11.2013. Tour reports page: a tour "Hanoi to Dali" added.
12.9.2013. Equipment reviews page: Updated review on Racks.
9.8.2013.  Tour reports page: a tour "Darwin to Perth" added.
4.7.2013. A paragraph "Money" added on the post And some non-material tips.
18.4.2013. A link to "Rain shell gloves" added in the News page.
23.1.2013. A paragraph "Cockpit" added in the post Other material tips.
25.11.2012. News page: "Cyclocross - a cycling (nano)adventure" added.
19.9.2012. A paragraph "Sleeping bag" added in the post Carriers / Containers.
11.9.2012. Light Evolution post: Added a paragraph about the tour in France 2012.
11.9.2012.  Tour reports page: a link to "200 cols tour" added.
10.9.2012.  Equipment reviews page: Review of the equipment from the tour in 2012.
15.7.2012.  News page"Lessons learned from brevets" added.
28.5.2012.  Tour reports page: a tour "Who's afraid of the Crocs?" added.
25.4.2012.  Tour reports page: a tour "Dushanbe to Delhi" added.
18.4.2012. Update on rain in the post And some non-material tips.
10.4.2012. Tour reports page added, containing links to my tours' blogs.
27.3.2012. News page: Briefing on "Fleche Slovenia 2012".
29.2.2012. News page: Hint on tire boots.
2.1.2012. News page: Trip to Tenerife in december 2011.
18.9.2011.  Equipment reviews page: Review on the equipment from the tour in 2011.
17.9.2011.  Equipment reviews page: Review on Sealskinz.
10.9.2011.  Equipment reviews page:  Updated review on Crocs.
6.9.2011. Light Evolution post: Added a paragraph about the tour in France 2011.